Friday, October 31, 2014

Gator Bowl

The cute little red envelope in the top margin of the MacBook screen has a 10 beside it, telling me ten emails are waiting to be opened. Soon as I click it, mail will be checked and another dozen will show up. But why should I? 

Why should I? There'll be at least one Amazon ad, a couple of Zillow notifications. Somebody will be trying to entice me with a super deal on a new Honda. There will be bad news headlines from the New York Times and The Washington Post, plus another email from each with “Opinions” of intelligent folks but whose opinion I value less than my own. Anu will have a great new word for me to work casually into a sermon. There will be two or three news and opinion emails from CSM. Bleacher Report will have at least one, likely two different emails waiting for me. There will be a football headline.

Yesterday afternoon as part of our Home Tweaking Project, I painted the front steps, which had not been painted in twenty-five or thirty, maybe forty years, and bending over for two and a half hours was so tiring that I fell asleep during the game, thinking the Louisville Cardinals must never have watched FSU play football, otherwise they would know better than to enrage them by running up a score against them during the first half, because when that happens the Seminoles come back from halftime ready to teach the bad guys a terrible lesson in humility.  

Florida-Georgia, OMG. Every year at this time I remember going to Jacksonville for that game at the Gator Bowl my freshman year at UFlorida. The Gators won 21-7. That isn’t going to happen tomorrow. My teams aren’t cleaning up this year. Sometimes losing, not getting what you thought you wanted, turns out to have been the good, better, best thing. In life, not in football. 


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