Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pink & Gray Heaven

While it isn’t my habit to look for statements about myself or my way of life or the culture that I’m part of, it did occur to me this morning that something was told when the first thing I did upon waking was reach for my telephone. Not my eyeglasses, my telephone. In truth, the glasses are neither vital nor critical, if I were a caveman I’d be fine, because I only need and use them to read, and if I’m not reading they are most annoying, which is why I wear them on a string round my neck. Back to the topic, what if we woke up to no phone service, email or internet worldwide, all of it suddenly gone. 

We’d get along. Actually, that’s where I grew up, isn’t it. We did have a phone, 702W, but it was hanging on the wall in the hall between the living room and dining room, and when it rang you could hear it because the windows were open and you ran in from outside to answer it. Born in 1872, my grandfather had no phone until, what? IDK, the nineteen-teens or twenties? I remember mama telling me about when they first got a phone at 1317 E. Strong Street, how exciting it was and eight neighbors on the party-line. Well, 702W was a party line when I was a boy. I remember when it was changed from 702W to 6268, then 5-6268, then SUnset 5-6268. It was 850-785-6268 by the time mama died. 

What about my prayer “Thank you, God” then, I thought that was first upon waking. Or rising. No, that comes with putting on the shoes: RSF&PTL. Right shoe first and praise the Lord. But the telephone? I don’t think so. What do I get on it, maybe three incoming phone calls a week if that. Its main use is email and texting. Snap a photo now and then, I just looked and there are 2,869 pictures on it. Now, 2870:

What’s needful? Loving and appreciating life, sound of the sea, gazing out across the Gulf of Mexico as a long gray cloud turns pink in the rising sun under the blue dome. If heaven is any better than this, it’s too extravagant for me.


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