Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sleepy Blue Ocean

Like A Sleepy Blue Ocean

No human creation, not even this MacBook with the lighted keyboard, could match the magical wonder of the human mind, way it wanders and zips, leaps and jumps from place to place and time to time, memory to memory and recreates reality that was as though it still is. It only wants igniting, a trigger. Last evening the Gulf of Mexico was as calm as I have ever seen the sea, filling up my senses,

calm, beautiful, flat and contrasting with the Pacific Ocean our Navy years in San Diego and me Down to the Sea in Ships. The California memory always moves through the morning I drove away from there, up into the hills and east, leaving my ship behind enroute to Columbus, Ohio via Phoenix and Scottsdale where Linda, Malinda and Joe already were. And Tass, whom Linda knew but I didn’t yet, incredible, unexpected, most beautifully astonishing news waiting for me to hear later that day. Who lighted up Columbus and my senses and life ever since.

July 1971, wasn’t it. As I sailed happily out of San Diego with the car radio on and loud, John Denver was singing “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” newly released and an instant hit, including a hit with me because this PCS would, as always, include direct from Arizona to Panama City and St. Andrews Bay, and family and house. Take me home.

The mind, see. John Denver, an all time favorite. “Take Me Home, Country Roads” in 1971. Bill Danoff and Taffy Nivert wrote it with him. “Afternoon Delight” in 1976 and you had to be there. Danoff and “I Guess He’d Rather Be in Colorado.” The mind plays tricks and does favors and stirs memories. Missing John Denver and all that he did and loved and sang about. 

Come fill me again.


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