Thursday, October 23, 2014

this old house

This morning I really have no message to convey or thoughts to muse on. 

Linda and I had no idea until we arrived home from church last evening and Linda opened Facebook, that yesterday’s birthday observance for Beverly McDaniel at Holy Nativity Episcopal School was such a major happening, or we would have climbed down out of the attic and shed our grubbies to be there and help honor Beverly and the event. It was a big celebration of the star of our school. Disappointed in ourselves, we are sad to have missed it. Congratulations to Our Lady of HNES, and blessings upon you always!

Our retirement relocation project is progressing. Probably, these things are never entirely satisfactory to the people having the experience, and this one is particularly exhausting for the two of us, but day by day we are getting our house in shape for realtors to show it to prospective buyers. The house dates from 1912 and is in good condition, but we are clearing rooms of our furniture, art and such so buyers can better visualize their own ideas and style when they walk through. It is an enormous task, especially for a body who hasn't thrown away a piece of paper in sixteen years.

Looking to our future, we shopped a bit, townhouses, apartments and condos, and found our downsized next home at Harbour Village in St. Andrews. This after looking there, and in The Cove, and across the bridge at several places including Magnolia Beach, Bay Point, Thomas Drive and elsewhere along Panama City Beach, as well as Seacrest Beach in Walton County. But we are home folks wanting to stay in Panama City, and, determined not to be out of sight of St. Andrews Bay, ended up focusing on the shoreline from Beck Avenue to Cherry Street. What we have in view is a substantial downsize from our thirteen room house into a two bedroom condo. If reality accommodates hopes, we should move in February.

A movers van load of stuff has already gone to Specialists of the South for auction. Thursday morning: in a couple hours more movers arrive to move furniture and furnishings to relatives’ homes in town. In a couple weeks, they come again to move another load to Tallahassee. The house already is looking like some nice family used to live there!


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