Tuesday, June 21, 2016

$8.40 + Tip

Sitting out here on my porch irrelevantly humming “When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain” with Kate Smith somewhere back in the crevices of the cranium haunting mind and memories, trying to visualize what it would have been like in the ages when Selene, newborn, filled a fourth of the firmament, as astronomers say. Speeding away from earth at the rate of 1.48 inches per year, that would have been a long time ago. Already in my lifetime, though, she has moved almost ten feet farther away, and sure enough I can see she’s a little smaller than she was the day my parents brought me home from hospital. By a couple billion more years, she will have withdrawn so distant that earth’s entire ecosystem will have changed. "To her proud waves, 'Thus far shall you come, and no farther'" will no longer be efficacious, and Thomas Hardy’s prophecy will have come down, the Lord eternally grieving and eternally repenting, "Written indelibly On my eternal mind - - all the wrongs endured By earth’s poor patient kind” and cannot be undone, weighing mercilessly on Pantokrator’s conscience into the ages of ages and beyond.

Which will have included all that we were allowed to do to each other from the moment He entered the serpent and craftily offered Eve the apple. An experiment to see what would happen.

Less somber, Tuesday, 20160621 haircut day, $10 including tip, browse AFEES electronics section, baptize chocolates with salivation, then stroll down the meat row at TAFB commissary window-shopping huge thick porterhouse steaks that L won’t let me buy. 

Last evening we sat out here on the porch, me with iPhone camera at ready watching and waiting for the pelicans to glide by heading to bird island for the night. I didn’t get even one good shot but will keep trying.


Looks like the second bird is missing: perhaps a slot saved for Elijah.

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