Friday, June 10, 2016


Nine to five, eight hours sleep, darkened room, peaceful mind. For the lucky, make that blessed and fortunate, life can brighten even in ancient aging. Black coffee and one wedge dark chocolate, 73% Belgian cacao from my stash this morning, waking me into Friday the Tenth. From 7H, StAndrewsBay is flat sans ripple; flat, smooth and maize silver from the cloudless sky above. Bay and Sky meld into One but that Shell Island draws a black line across the center. Chaos and Firmament.  

What did I eat that made my nose so sore — 

Tapping the +Time icon, comes up each morning my February 2, 2016, “Memories.” appears to have been a pensive moment, a darker one. Not going back, don’t need to.

Walk this morning: varies sometimes, starting from Cove School, north on Linda Avenue, around Massalina Drive, maybe past the house where I grew up, to Hamilton Avenue and choose: left or right?

That’s what life is anyway, isn’t it, choose: destiny or hell. How to know the difference. We don’t know, only history knows, at which time we are glad or sad. We follow our hearts and minds to destiny, but only history knows. 2016: election year. Choose.

DThos+ and glad

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