Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday 20160623

Thursday: looking forward to visit and lunch with Frank, don’t know yet where we’ll go. Favorite so far is Stinky’s out on 390 beyond SeaSide, best fried oysters. Best fried mullet, Gene’s Oyster Bar but can’t depend on the mullet arriving. Best beer? 

Looks like a blue day but is not. 

StAndrewsBay clear until a few minutes ago, tug towing two barges through the Pass and arriving just across from me. 

In the Gulf, barges are towed from astern with wide distance between tug and barge, and between barge and barge. Once in the Bay, the tug stops (as I’m watching this moment) disconnects, snugs the barges together, then connects astern the second barge and pushes instead of pulling. This for tight control in the inland waterway where there are sharp turns, &c and where barges could drift and do damage or go around if towed. Seems logical that the tug captain must first ascertain, before he stops in the channel, that the Bay channel will be clear of ships coming and going while he does his dance. 

Email exchanges with second cousin and friends already this morning. 

Looking forward to the day. Saturday is Malinda’s birthday, TJCC et al coming from Tallahassee, and the plan is early supper at Captain Anderson's.

Seems to me the Brexit referendum is today. As much bitter, vicious hatred wrapped up in it as in our presidential election.

DThos+ still mucking along ...

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