Thursday, June 2, 2016


“We have this week off” is one way to put it for a couple who have every week off, every day off retired to the ultimate 7H home in sky by sea. This week we are in Tallahassee, housesitting and kitty-sitting while TJCC are away enjoying J’s company’s Xmas gift of a vacation in CostaRica. While they were on the beach yesterday, T texted me a picture of a sloth in the tree above them, sloth with a baby sloth clinging to its stomach. I thought there were monkeys, did not know about the sloths. 

Don’t remember why but for some reason recently I googled sloths, learned there is more than one kind, learned their extremely low metabolism allows them to move only in what seems maddeningly frustrating slow motion. May have read that need for a burst of energetic movement such as flight from a predator can harm their wellbeing, even be life-threatening. And there was something about their falling from trees.

Sitting here reclined in T’s chair while the coffee jumpstarts my own slothly sluggish Untermensch metabolism, regretting I neglected to bring chocolate. 

Lunch yesterday: nigiri sushi, my favorite, and a bottle o’ Bud. Today? Maybe lamb something, another favorite? Meantime, the orange cat has warmed up to Linda, but I’m still a person of interest.


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