Sunday, June 19, 2016

U2, Elijah & Silence

Saturday M&K came over for lunch. Then all afternoon that might reasonably have been devoted to Sunday School and sermon preparation was invested in reading about Buicks. Buick history, Buick models over the years especially through the 1930s. Buick Roadmaster, the Buick Century so named because it could exceed a hundred mph in the day when 80 was fast. Oddity of the 1934 to 1935 model changeover when other GM cars went to the turret top but Buick could not as their budget had been used on plant updating, so continued another year with the canvas insert over wood strips instead of solid steel top. As Linda awoke from her nap, I asked if she’d like to talk about Buicks, and was cut off abruptly. 

Kristen set my phone so instead of never and constantly running the battery down, it now turns off after one minute. Though late afternoon it came on and played U2 music at top volume as I frantically tapped this and that to silence, grateful it happened at home instead of this morning as I step into the pulpit or begin solemnly to intone the Mass. Showing my antiquity, I like U2, but have no idea how they got on my iPhone. 

Wine hour for two at 7H and counting.

Joe called: coming from W-S, NC in two or three weeks for his mom’s birthday.  

Fathers Day: K coming over for oysters and lamb chops at four o’clock. 

Nine o’clock PM at 7H. Moon dodging clouds, Mars west and high, StAndrewsBay precisely as four green navigation lights flash, Χάρων coming in force for me? 

Today: Elijah, wind, quake, fire, and the silence of Yahweh.



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