Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sea 'n Sky

20160621 we watched two ships arrive through the Pass, east in the far channel to the hairpin, west in the near channel heading for the turn north toward the Port. Early on, Lauritzen’s CS Crystal, 587 x 92, from Veracruz to load wood pellets then to Liverpool - -

Later, wine time as I was waiting for pelicans, 

Sichem Hong Kong (Bertel Line) 422 x 66, with a cargo of molasses, last port Coatzacoalcos, Mexico. May be her first time in here, as instead of waiting at the north turn as usual, her main tug slipped out into the near channel to pick her up early. 

As I was snapping her, an osprey sailed by just out of Linda’s reach, clutching a large fresh caught mullet. Regret missing that pic. But last evening I realized how difficult it is to photograph wildlife, total patience required, and they move by so quickly. Besides the usual osprey, a large "sea-hawk" bird, black or very dark and with a red head, zipped by several times

Summer reading: so far, the political scene is capturing me, essays from Atlantic. This is a decent analysis

but that doesn’t change my view for a constitutional amendment to eradicate the political class before they can load themselves up with salaries and perks. One term and you get a bus ticket, two terms and you climb steps to a long drop. I found myself in a statement late in the essay, “Neurotic hatred of the political class is the country’s last universally acceptable form of bigotry,” and yes, OMG I detest these unspeakables, every man and beast of them, not a healthy attitude on chaotic disaster in process. When Legislative so no longer works, Executive seizing power is inevitable and unstoppable. Meanwhile Populist Outsider changes masks and makes promises to every gathering of cheering fools.

Taco night at HNEC. “Oh, Father Tom, you’ve lost weight.” No, I got a haircut.


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