Thursday, August 21, 2014

Life: Take with Food

Life: Take with Food

What’s happening on this end? Series of things, eh, each different, at this hour all forgettably zilch. Usual evening close of day is fruit for supper, never meat. Empty dehumidifier. Half hour to hour on computer upstairs, load Linda’s crossword puzzles, NYT, WP, USAToday, and one called Daily that its software messes up half the time and it won’t load, plus on Monday a weekly that comes “easy, medium, hard” print those out and deliver to the lady of the manor. Next, really super important stuff on which Time can’t be wasted predawn when the brain works. Study cars from favorite era 1920s and 30s up to early 40s (do you know why Buick alone of GM cars didn’t adopt Fisher Body’s “Turret Top” in 1935? well, I do, and there’s a trick question that goes along with that, and both questions will be on St. Peter’s exam at the pearly gate, probably an essay question too, not your multiple choice stuff  so you’d better get with it if you want to be Saved, and that's your spiritual advice from here this morning), check out Dilbert, Calvin & Hobbes, Cul-de-Sac, Get Fuzzy, Doonesbury, Rudy Park, Candorville. Now and then Two Cows and a Chicken. Alternately instead of web browsing, read in bed until Linda startles me awake saying, “why don’t you just turn out the light?” which happened last night at 8:15. 

Why the line “... , never meat”? Because such as the delicious spicy taco salad with glass of malbec for supper at church last evening dependably wakens me by two a.m. with it’s the big one Elizabeth I’m comin’ to ya, honey heartburn, so generally only fruit for supper. Now and then a tomato sandwich if there's a bright ripe red tomato, but not often, because I like it with lots of mayonnaise. This stage of life is memorable specifically because I remember when my father got to this point in digestion and no longer could eat meat at night. So, heavier protein at breakfast, sometimes at lunch with red wine and a vegetable. Supper? fruit. Linda may eat cottage cheese: I love cottage cheese, especially with milk and sugar, but have memories of that day when our next door neighbor Commander Don McCarthy’s wife telephoned Linda and asked, “do you know Tom is rolling on the grass in your backyard?” and Linda said, “oh yes, he’s just passing kidney stones.” I recently read that Don went on to vice admiral.    

There’s today's lesson in growing old. Here’s the other lesson in aging. Take your heart meds after your morning walk, not before. Tuesday morning I had to cancel the long walk with Robert, not because we had a funeral later Tuesday morning, but because I had gulped the meds at six, and 30 minutes later BP had dropped so low I was too dizzy to go outside in the humid heat to walk. So take with food as the label says.  

So what else is new? Harry Golden wrote. Email from Norm. Email from Bill Fuller, hope to see Bill & Ann at St T church this fall and winter, also Phil & Sheree. Linda scans a newspaper article and says, “I don’t understand about NASCAR, lots of people going around in circles.” OK, just for that I don’t understand about Pinterest. Or this circular business of aging, and anybody who thinks it’s not a business hasn’t been here yet.




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