Wednesday, August 20, 2014

not to esteem

OK, I’m standing up. Everybody who wonders uneasily if what’s going on in Ferguson, Missouri is -- other -- stand up.

Like a dog emerging from a muddy bayou, from college years on and all my life I worked hard to shake it,

and diligently to keep shed of it -- my Old South upbringing and pov -- and I have succeeded, I have gardenia well succeeded: there is not a racist wart on me or racist bone within me. But I find myself wondering what the Fed is up to and my politically incorrect wondering is filling me with self-doubt and self-loathing: I am not on a side, why this dis-ease?

IDK, possibly because.

Possibly because are we developing a federal police state, in our system of powers reserved isn’t there local, county and state government and that will look objectively into what happened and deal with calm justice not in sop to angry mob fired by a phrase that the media love casting like sand into fighting dogs? Not on a side, neither am I getting on a side, simply it is dis-easing to read that Washington is rushing to Ferguson to see whether there is basis to summon a grand jury to indict and prosecute federal charges anyway against a city police officer for shooting a man whom autopsy indicates was charging him. 

Excessive shots fired? Agreed, or did the man keep coming, keep charging and the officer panic and keep shooting? IDK.   

Not yet wrought, something -- other  -- something dis-easingly -- federal -- forming in the bottom silt, emerging? To take charge of us? What? 

Growing up in an century when we watched strong central governments operate throughout Europe, South America, Africa and Asia, I never appreciated a single one of them. I will disappreciate one at home even more. But here it comes.


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