Friday, August 29, 2014

Say It With Flowers

Say it with flowers

The thing is, see, not I, never to begin a letter, email or blog post with I because it starts off already egocentric and boring even to oneself. But I’ll be switched if I’ll be hitched, no I’ll be dandelion if I expected that. First off was my own fault for failing to know what was going on with the SEC Network. Gardenia dandelion it to heliotrope. So I fiddled around searching, signed up for ESPN online, found that I had to access it via my internet provider which ComCast cooperates but Knology Now Known As WOW doesn’t, so I tried via Verizon and got mixed up forgetting names and passwords, changed passwords, got that settled, went to access the game, forgot the new password I’d just set, glanced up at the OleMiss game on the TV just as across the bottom scrolled the disaster from Columbia, so just went downstairs for two hotdogs and a Heineken and came back up hoping Boise State could overcome that 3 to 7. Except did you see that sickening interception in the end zone they looked fairly promising until into the second half, when the rest of my evening went to the Bad Place. 

I'm not an Ole Miss fan.

Its not about you, Bubba. 

Well, it sure seemed like it last night. What a fuchsia boliviana disaster. I may be SEC, but it’s limited to two teams, and whose big idea was it to let Texas A&M into our stratosphere anyway. We are not finished regretting that, this is just the beginning, it wasn’t Manziel after all.

What the hell. No, what the heliotrope. Well, when it comes to flowers it’s the thought that counts.

W with no +

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