Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Goodness, four:fifteen, late again today, not seven o’clock as yesterday, still later than my Usual. And a special Goodness for a repeat of yesterday’s temperature, pleasantly cool down by the Bay as I went down to get Linda’s PCNH, and pretty good up here on my upstairs front porch. Can’t see anything yet though, only darkness. The city’s street lamp is an extra half-moon. Off to the east and south, that green navigation light winking at me from across the Bay: what a tease. I'm not going there, cut it out.

Good coffee, Italian roast. The Kona is almost gone, so I'm rationing it out. Who knows, maybe someone will bring me a can of that for my birthday in two weeks. 

Tuesday, for my walk in the Cove with Robert, seven o’clock. Counting breakfast after it’ll be two hours. A stop to visit friends I still love and will always miss; well, not always, eh? Hey that’s a nice light breeze, an early autumn would be fair after the brutal summer, but the weather also is a tease. I’m thinking still a month before it’s safe to settle in happy about the weather, and may the Evil Eye not be reading over my shoulder with a tropical storm in his backpack.

Kristen heads off back to university later this morning, a college senior, she’s all grown up, why have my girls done this to me? My friends who are enjoying sons and daughters at home might bless themselves by giving thanks for a child, a person who passes through your life on their way to becoming an adult, which is what Time is all about. What about Eternity: what is heaven like? A tiny girl holds out her arms to me and says “picka me up, Daddy.”

Green right departing.


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