Sunday, September 28, 2014

are you kidding me?

It’s worse than it wasn’t a good Saturday. Buddy Boy, it was a bad Saturday. What happened? South Carolina. Michigan. SCAR I’m stunned. STUNNED. MGoBlue, not stunned just embarrassed yet one more time again, the profane texting acronym starts out WT.. and ends with a question mark. Even the team I most love to hate disappointed me by, as Megan said on FB during the game, apparently their defense didn’t make it to Raleigh. “No. 1 Florida State rallies to beat North Carolina State” are you kidding me? I like a Florida team to be number one, I do not like it to be FSU, but it is -- if I were still a sailor instead of some preacher I could salt it better -- 21-24 at the half? Are you kidding me? There's a profane texting acronym for that too. FSU -- RALLIES -- to win? Are you kidding me? Since when does No. 1 “rally” to win a football game? Somebody better rethink their vote on this ranking. Maybe Thanksgiving Weekend 2014 isn’t looking so hopeless after all. Nah, I already ordered our range crow.

It’s Sunday morning, time for Adonai. See you at church? There are only two good and valid excuses for missing church this morning: 

#1 reason is “feeling too lazy,” in which case here is your dispensation: + granted by a real Episcopal priest, and you don’t have to come.

#2 reason is “sick about Saturday CFB,” in which case stuff it, get your axe out of bed and get dressed for church.


house clearing out giving away update later today --

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