Friday, September 26, 2014

Second Post for Today

Second Post for Today

Good second morning, friends is a good way to continue today! Folks who were at church Wednesday evening heard that Linda and I have finally conceded, after two or three years of wrenching back and forth about it, that this wonderful old house and property have just become too much for two octogenarians (no, Linda declines that high honor) in thirteen rooms and 4 1/2 baths, furnished, finished, and decorated with our art and things from two and three family generations! Large yard with cedar trees, fig trees, lemon trees, prolific grapefruit trees, flowering plants including Florida classic azaleas, camellias and gardenias. MLP and the Bay. Not to mention the ubiquitous palm trees. For those blessed with long life, the hour cometh and now is to sit back with a glass of wine and muse on how wonderful it has all been. 

We’ve listed the place with Charlie Commander. A dear friend is going to let us try out her place at the beach to see if we enjoy condo living, and we are browsing possibilities online and driving around. We’ve already moved the hundreds of books out of the house, some to county library, some to church library, most to my office where I’ll sort through them and set aside those I use and mean to keep; the rest to the parish library or shelve in my office for loaning out or giving away. 

Thursday an appraiser and auctioneer came out to look at multiple sets of dishes, crystal, dolls, paintings, objects of art, knickknacks and furniture. For myself, I am finding that once the mountain is scaled, looking down the other side brings back all the excitement and adventure of each Permanent Change of Station move that made our Navy years such fun. 

I’m saying all this today because I’m starting to picture here on my blog, things that we love and use but need to get out of the house right away and so are here today starting to offer to friends and church friends who might enjoy, or need, and will use. No delivery, these things are free for taking away. Taking to use, not taking to sell. There’s no junk. Over coming days I will update list and pics if/as appropriate. Anyone who wants something should email me at but not phone because I’ll never remember. Because we need these things gone, it will be whoever shows up first to get it, not who emailed me first and asked me to save something!! Here’s a starter list, some with pics, some without.

Swivel stool. There are two of these. One is worth infinitely more than the other because Fr. Tom personally sat on it many mornings typing +Time blog posts. Free though for the coming and getting.

A towel hanger/warmer, no pic yet. Never used.

NordicTrack treadmill with 30 x 56 track. Really nice one. Who will use it may have it free for the taking away; wherever we live next will have an exercise room. 

Flowered family room sofa 90 x 36, often the joy of my nap time. Imagine having something in your living room and being able to hang a sign over it, "Father Tom Slept Here."

and going with the sofa and two pillows that match the ottoman, items from Harrison House, we’ve loved them, goes the

Blue ottoman 28 x 45

Recumbent exercise bike, it’s upstairs in my bedroom, I used to faithfully ride it exactly 10.1 miles every morning without fail. No pic yet.

Glider chair with glider footstool, magnificent furniture and extraordinarily comfortable, my granddaughters were nursed gliding in them. After I got them I sat there many cold mornings gliding back and forth, snuggled up warm and writing my blog posts. A historical item: Father Weller glided here. I will not deliver the set, but someone may come get it for a loving home.

Computer desk 60 wide, no pic yet.

Blue leather chair, custom made by a furniture factory in North Carolina. Singularly comfortable. No pic yet because it's loaded up with art that we've taken down off the walls: maybe tomorrow.

Dinette chair. There may be one or two more in the attic, I’m not sure. Rollers, and swivel, quite comfortable at table or desk. 

An extraordinarily comfortable turquoise leatherette easy chair (long Linda’s favorite chair for sitting until she inherited my mother’s platform rocker). Use and enjoy as-is or have it reupholstered. No pic yet, but soon, maybe tomorrow. 

If interested, kindly email me first, no just showing up unexpected and unannounced at my door, please. Any stranger who shows up at my door without emailing me first will be turned away, sorry. I'll tell the emailer whether the item is still here.

We are boldly going where we have never gone before: off into ancient age. Ahead, warp seven, Scotty.


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