Monday, August 24, 2015


With my three favorite teams going into the season unranked, I’m not investing my heart in college football. If the bad news was Ohio State as unanimous #1, the good news is that nobody stays on top for ever, and that there’s nowhere for them to go but down, and that the A.P. noted “four teams since 2007 received nearly all the first-place votes in the preseason poll — and that none of these teams ended that season in the top spot.”

Resurrection: if Easter comes this fall, I’m counting on Harbaugh for the empty tomb. Further south, I’m sick of crow, wouldn’t it be nice if McElwain and Spurrier gave us a Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

To wake up for this morning’s walk: Kona and one square of dark chocolate. Got to leave for Cove School in an hour, I can’t believe it’ll be light by then.

That’s it for today, and I’m all TGIM.


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