Tuesday, August 25, 2015

cubed buffler

We’ll see: this is supposed to be Tyndall morning, to the barbershop. Maybe new black socks at the BX, and there was a time when I'd browse their electronics section but seems to me they’ve dropped Apple Mac products, maybe because, like me, browsers are not shoppers. There’s a little “food mall” with three or four vendors, one sells Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, they'll stack on all the sliced tomato you want, and with an AAFES credit card 10% off. It’s the only time I drink Coca-Cola, they hand you a cup, you add ice and fill it with coke, and half the sandwich comes home with me because even though it’s only a medium I can’t eat it. Why I don't order small IDK, maybe I think I'm still twenty-something. Naanh.

The Commissary to check out their meat: I usually buy a package or two of buffler except they call it cubed bison low-fat: a pack of two patties makes lunch for the two of us two times, medium slightly pink, half a patty each, so lean it's a little tough and you have to chew it twice as long so the brain fools the stomach into thinking it's getting twice as much. 

There are two or three unusual cuts of lamb that I always check out because that’s my favorite meat (did I ever blog about my all time favorite breakfast buffet — 1978, my first trip to Australia and the motel where the Australian DoD put me up had lamb chops on the breakfast buffet). 

Also, very thin pork cutlets that one with a slice of whole wheat toast make excellent Sunday morning breakfasts. Not to mention the Bulgarian style buttermilk, if I buy two bottles it lasts me weeks and weeks because though I love it I drink a 4-oz glass about once a week as my supper. Being on the base, shopping there, and lunch among tables of USAF airmen makes me feel still a member of the club. 

That feeling never goes away.

Speaking of which, the priest stole I’ve been wearing Sundays is Navy camo, a treasure from Ryan, who ordered it for me online. 


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