Friday, August 28, 2015

TGIF: moon, mug & square

Gggg find a nice l.c. gamma golf gee and get going with the morning. Actually, it's nice sitting here eyes closed while fingers tap. Forgot to pick up glasses before sitting down to Kona and chocolate, but it's nice: TGIF begins with mug and square.

Early predawn dark in the city park below and to my left. Guarding against erosion, a boardwalk stretches over the bank and down to the Bay shoreline, where two or three decks allow visitors to stop and enjoy. Sometimes picnic or a wedding. When I went out at 3:55 while coffee perkled, a child was squealing delightedly on the middle deck, perhaps at the Bay with its sparkling emeralds and rubies, or the moon in the western sky teased by clouds and streaming its beam across the Bay. I've been on that deck in one of Panama City's many wonderful parks, and my seventh floor outlook is even better. Good, better, even best.

Friday. Walk. Return home for breakfast and shower. Meeting. L. M. Wait for Joe. Kristen. And my Tassa.

T+ PapaDad

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