Monday, April 4, 2016

It's Time

Nice outside, 63F when we got up at five o’clock, enormous display of bright stars and planets on a black sky, crescent moon rising in the east

over the strip of lights that is this edge of downtown Panama City from out here on West Beach Drive. Beautiful morning from 7H. Temperature has dropped a few degrees in that hour though, seems it most always does so, keeps dropping until sunrise, which is still not yet.

Walk this morning. As we get back into our vehicles parked on Linda Avenue behind the holy of holies, saying (today it will be), “See you Friday,” we always give each other the grace to octogenarially no longer be around that many days from now if that’s the way it turns out for one of us. I mean, eighty is a big number, not so? Eighty sort of bothers me, who the hell ever mentioned eighty, I didn’t know this was coming. The last number that bothered me like this was the stunning shock of no longer being in the magical twenties, turning thirty. HJC, that was half a century ago, in Japan. You want to get quite a scary start? ride down in the elevator with me this morning and glance around at the movement behind you to see who’s standing there in the mirror looking over your shoulder. Holy smoke, is that you, Bubba? jiminy alphabet christmas, what happened?

Happy Monday all the same.

Time to walk.


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