Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Just about dark last evening, as light was fading over StAndrewsBay, the U.S.Navy ship FSF-1 arrived through the pass and I thought to get a picture. But she steamed down to the hairpin turn (that’s not the right word anymore, she’s not steam driven), turned around, and headed back out to sea. We watched this morning as she arrived again, and this time I did get a shot. 

FSF is “Fast Sea Frame” and her name is Sea Fighter, and my thought is OMG what a homely beast and in my Navy days and years we had beautiful, sleek warships, mostly left over from WW2, including my first ship, a WW2 destroyer. My all time favorite: battleships. Everybody thinks their old ways and old days were best, including me, not only about warships, culture, music, films, cars, clothes, the world, but even BCPs. Maybe especially BCPs.

When I was a new Navy ensign, my petty officers used to grouse about how much better Navy life was “under the old Rocks and Shoals” and how this new UCMJ pampered the sailors. Whereas in the old days, a sailor misbehaved you took him out back and beat the hell out of him and by J he straightened out. I don’t know, I never knew that Navy. The only thing I know is that Life Is Good, better, best. 

Sundays 10:30 as soon as the opening hymn is sung everybody sits down and whoever is preaching the sermon that day has the kids come up front for “Children’s Time,” with a chat usually something related to one of the day’s lessons. As the gospel was Jesus saying, “A new commandment I give you: that you ἀγάπη one another” I had a shortie on ἀγάπη which is love, lovingkindness, benevolence, goodwill, the KJV says “charity.” There’s a couple dozen little kids, say under about four I reckon, and Linda had bought sugar cookies and decorated each one with an ἀγάπη letter alpha. Most of the characters were longer than squatty and the kids thought it was a fish, so we worked that too, an early Xn symbol, but  for agape. Anyway, I had the last one for breakfast dessert this morning, two bites missing.

Hoping you are the same.

DThos+ still muddling along

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