Sunday, April 24, 2016

Moon over Courtney Point

Whatever it may be, my talent is not photography, though since ascending to 7H the urge to grab iPhone and snap has been irresistible. Creation is that magnificent a place to live that it’s easy to visualize Elohim looking and seeing how good it was, even very good indeed. 

And after all, Instead of lovable Earthlings, we might have been finished as the reptilians that psychologists say our subconscious innermost brain remains, thriving as coldblooded dwellers of such as the planet I once saw on a StarTrek episode, perpetual driving rain. But here we are, RSF&PTL and can somebody shout Amen.

It’s a beautiful day where "the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to thee." (fm Ps 139, KJV)

This morning’s early reading, NYT article about Ted and David that surprisingly made the media’s cowboy into a palatable human being. What I didn’t realize until too late was that clicking on it used up one of my ten NYT articles for the month, but April is heading into the shadows, so it was worth it.

TV last evening for one who doesn’t watch television unless there’s either a GOP debate or a hurricane in the Atlantic: Father Brown solving yet another murder, this time double or triple murders of vengeance, villain the constable himself. Seems not to have occurred to the authorities that an awful lot of murders happen in the vicinity very conveniently investigated and solved to the glory of Father’s modesty. Were I the Inspector, I might be inclined to put two and two together. And the 1950s British cars are fantastic, last night I spotted a Bentley.

Early: black, square of 65%, heart pill. Breakfast: pork chop and black.


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