Friday, April 1, 2016

snap and shoot

White this morning, sheer white and leave in a few minutes for The Cove walk. Breakfast after the walk, where? And what? 

We used to walk all over The Cove, but after we had walked by to honor and commit to sacred memory the home of every member of our Cove School class of 1949 from E.Beach Drive to Watson Bayou and 6th Street to Cherry Street and the end of Bunkers Cove Road, the walk narrowed to Massalina Drive, where we both grew up, or along St. Andrews Bay at E. Beach Drive. With the former, sometimes a sit-down on the Court House steps to welcome the arriving judges. With the latter, usually a brief sit-down on one of the ten or so park benches looking out over the Bay and remember. If, as likely today in the fog and 99% humidity, the park benches are soaking wet, stand and lean on the cable and look across to Red Fish Point, where the Massalina family settled early in the 19th century. Hawk Massalina was a local character and legend when we were boys here, and we both remember when he died at age 108 back in the forties. And there’s the lonesome pine right out on the end of the Point.

Breakfast? Generally one of the bayou spots, Massalina or Johnson. Black coffee. Eggs over medium and dry wheat toast. Dry not as a health and fitness freak, but better to soak up egg yolk. More black coffee. 

It’s a beautiful day, and every day is a beautiful day, all the more so as a couple of  octogenarians hope to meet and walk again Monday morning!

One of these days, when I have my keys, we're going in the back gate, get a basketball from the coaches locker, and snap a pic of Robert leaping and shooting baskets on our old home court.


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