Friday, April 8, 2016

+Time+ at 7H

Part of new life Linda and I are walking this morning, around St. Andrews then stop at a cafe for breakfast, either the Coffee Shop or Four Winds. Yesterday’s walk was in Oaks by the Bay park next door and I snapped 7H porch from the beach just off a boardwalk deck. 

Pelicans are back, a few of them. iPhone captured two last evening. 

Summer 2015 hundreds would fly past our porch every day, sometimes seemingly close enough to leap out and hitch a ride, in V-formations of six or eight to a couple dozen. Heading east about dawn, west into the sunset. They seem slower arriving this year. And not the same breed. IDK, I’m no birder. 

What I do know is gratitude for life, and thankfulness for living into +Time+. It all could have been so different. 

And almost was!



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