Friday, April 29, 2016


First off this morning, preparing our handout for next Tuesday morning’s Bible Seminar. Revelation, ἀποκάλυψις, the Apocalypse, we’ll read and get some shivers over the Second Cycle in this late first century equivalent of StarWars. So far, seven churches have been sent scary letters; seven seals have been opened, six meant to stir fear of the wrath of God, the seventh, silence in heaven for about half an hour to let folks go to the restroom and buy popcorn before returning to our seats. Next: seven angels with seven trumpets, buckle your seatbelt.

Last evening we watched Lauritzen Line’s ship Interlink Activity (whoever dreamed up that name needs to be taught respect for ships) sail by close, make the hairpin turn and head out to sea, underway for Tyne, UK with a cargo of wood pellets. 

Commercial vessels may not be as exciting as warships coming and going, but Sea Fighter doesn’t stir the blood like watching destroyers, carriers and cruisers in the old days. Newport, Norfolk, Mayport and SanDiego.

As FuroForty strikes with a vengeance, incoming: container vessel and a shrimpboat.


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