Tuesday, July 26, 2016

don't move

Wonderful here, the clouds never cease to amaze me, light playing on them; and the Bay, earlier a shrimp boat with nets in the near channel, now pouring rain in the far east end of StAndrewsBay and in EastBay beyond Tyndall Bridge. Clear here at 7H at the moment, 80° and 84%, stiff breeze has died down a bit. Rain in the Gulf south of Shell Island. Breakfast black coffee with a sprinkle of the chicory Joe brought me, furoforty and a four oz cup of blueberry noosa. 

July 25th: day of thanks, memories too deep to stir. Tuesday, July 26th: short walk, hour or two in the office, haircut at TAFB?

Pelicans circling high above me.

Waves lapping noisily ashore seven floors below me. Breeze off the Gulf bringing the salt air that gives me my Being. Life's moves: Georgia, Michigan, DC, Ohio, Pennsylvania. Seven floors up is as far from StAndrewsBay and salt sea as ever I mean to Be again.

I bind unto myself today 
the virtues of the starlit heaven
the glorious sun's life-giving ray,
the whiteness of the moon at even,
the flashing of the lightning free,
the whirling wind's tempestuous shocks,
the stable earth, the deep salt sea,
around the old eternal rocks.

DThos+ in +Time+

StPatrick'sBreastPlate, verse 4

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