Friday, July 22, 2016

dream on

Cool (for July) 76F 87%, breezy, lightning off Shell Island, but iTitan shows storms far south of here and moving off and away over the Gulf. Black coffee and rationing orange dark chocolate, two chips. Good weather for walk this morning, along the Bay unless Robert wants to do Massalina Bayou. 

From his car collection, my friend Mike sold me his Model A Ford tudor sedan, black. 

With foot starter just above the accelerator, it started instantly and ran smoothly, gears shifted easily, and although I expected it to, it didn’t cut off when braked to a halt at stop signs. I kept it parked on the basketball court at Cove School. After the first tank of gasoline, I realized it needed leaded gas no longer available, so called Mike, who told me to pour a pound of lead powder into the gas tank with each refill, and I was wondering where to buy lead powder just as I woke up this morning.

Slightly waning moon is high in the sky, lovely over the Bay. Control tower at TAFB is off, so no sweeping lights white green white green white. Sounds below me, either a bird calling its mother, or a dog whimpering, or lovemaking on a balcony floors down. Or, might be people playing Pokemon, IDK.

Still lightning, too far away for thunder, beyond Shell Island directly south of 7H.


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