Thursday, July 14, 2016

Oh, it's only you, Thursday

When I was seventeen …

Perfect today, yesterday I ruined breakfast by overcooking the beef patty. When Linda gets twice-baked potatoes from Cahalls she doesn’t get one for us, only for the company, and sometimes I manage to get someone’s potato skin. From Monday evening’s family supper with Joe, I ended up with Kristen’s and Britany’s potato skins as my grand prize. My following day breakfast then is a heated, steaming potato skin with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese, and rare hamburger patty smushed into it, hot and melting the cheese. Excellent. Another cup of black and a large mug of ice water, all best on 7H porch as this morning. 

Clear, light blue sky, 78.8° 85%, no breeze crossing me at the moment, calm Bay with the slightest ripple indicates the Bay is feeling a breeze I’m not. Low, low clouds miles far out over the Gulf of Mexico, some are those tall things leaning east, telling me that's the way they're drifting. Hour ago one shrimp boat came home with her nets hanging out to dry. 

Extraordinary session at church last evening, with directed questions focusing on next Sunday’s gospel from Luke chapter 10. Liked it, spiritual, seemed more a Baptist approach than my comfortlessly surgical technique of modern (it’s not modern, it’s at least 19th century) Bible criticism that leaves pieces of the pericope lying bloody on the table. I have a lot to learn.

There go the yellow boats again, two this morning, from Millville out the length of StAndrewsBay westward past 7H, round the bend and heading north toward Hathaway Bridge, and back. Can’t help it, stirs 1953 always and again ... 

… it was a very good year …

And the Navy heading out for another victory at sea.


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