Monday, July 11, 2016

Nice Breeze

There glides that osprey, circled up, over, and back again, doubtless relishing the mullet that will be breakfast. 81.9° 88% a decent breeze wafting, and first stepping out here on 7H porch I heard a rumble of thunder, but not since. Yesterday up at 0235 (I love that Navy talk), but down last night at 2100 for nine hours sleep. Flapping strugglingly with an extra large fish, osprey just headed back by 7H and up over the building toward home. Is this feeding nestlings season, IDK. Stepping out onto the porch, Joe sniffed the papermill, I did not. 

Peaceful day planned, unplanned rather, what for breakfast? Wakeup is black coffee and chips of orange-flavored chocolate. Light lunch, or none, flank steak marinading all day for late afternoon family supper with a glass of red.

Small craft headed by, white number on the bow, gray hull, I would say Navy except the superstructure is white, an orange awning over the main deck aft, and a blue hoist on the stern; at the hairpin turn now, and heading out to sea. 

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