Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Full moon setting before dawn

This is an incredible place to live, including at least once a week watching someone, probably tourist, who’s rented a pontoon boat run it aground in the shallows just outside my 7H window, off my porch. Yesterday one of the larger ships, Thor Fearless, 623 x 106 arriving with steel plate from Dunkirk. 

Progresso arrived this morning during my coffee time, smaller ship 326 x 55 with containers, she turn around in and out today and will be back in a few days. 

Another larger ship, Lauritzen’s LaVieEnRose 566 x 92 finishes loading wood pellets, outbound for Liverpool. 

Earlier we watched the larger Navy craft head out to sea, and as I type, a white U.S. Coast Guard cutter, white with the orange stripe forward, sailed by. Fine observation and lookout post, my 7H. 

Busy morning so far, things done and left undone, things arranged, including WOW! formerly Knology at M&K’s house to restore WiFi service, trouble may have been from the storm what, Monday. Things postponed including trip to dealer to have brake system serviced. As for the storm, I saw the term microburst, and its definition described what I watched up here and then stepped out into. Not the same as a straight-line storm of a dozen or so years ago.

Fate of the nation being sealed, perhaps in Cleveland even as my fingers dance the morning away.

Late to rise these days. Wednesday: Jewish scholarship on 1st Thessalonians, Greek, glass o’ red.

Had I known how retirement is, I’d have done it sixty years ago. 

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