Sunday, July 17, 2016

taken to task

This morning we read the old time Sunday school Bible story of Martha and Mary. On his way from Galilee, his face set toward Jerusalem, Jesus is invited to stop to rest and for a meal in their home. We get the idea that Mary is the gracious one, sitting adoringly at Jesus’ feet listening to him, and that Jesus chastises Martha’s focus on getting things done. However, it is Martha who invited Jesus in the first place (10:38). But for Martha’s hospitality … 

We have to give all credit to Martha, who probably was frustratingly accustomed to Mary sitting around doing nothing but reading her Bible, the Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings and watching Harry Potter films. I’m betting Mary never once set the table or dried the dishes later: how can lazy be “the better part”? 

It takes all sorts to make creation work, some to change the sheets and load the washing machine, and some to gaze out into the heavens and write the sermons. 

Jesus (or Luke) is wrong here, neither is better, we all have our part to play. 


art: pinched online, I have no idea who's the artist

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