Friday, July 15, 2016

DThos+ in +Time+

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, an one’s memory of beauty includes the awful ominous of storm clouds gathering at sunset, and predawn waking to brilliant fire of lightning as storms pass over and on by. 

Happens with both weather and life altogether, doesn’t it, changes in a moment

My early Friday task was to set aside the usual scattered thoughts of a blogpost and write a funeral homily for tomorrow afternoon. Not a parishioner family, nice folks who know me only as Fr. Tom W-sumpnother, the go-to minister as death has come these seven years. WWJD, itinerant Galilean preacher who compassionately was there for whoever needed him as, teaching, preaching and healing, he came upon life’s scene in village after village. Yesterday, today and forever, he is wherever two or three gather and someone says “Jesus Christ!”

Reasonable calendar for today after yesterday’s wringer of exhaustion.

How long, Lord?!!

DThos+ in +Time+

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