Monday, May 8, 2017


Nostalgia marketing, to stencil WILLYS on the hood of a really cool red 21st century Jeep vehicle, I could want one, but it was parked beside my car this morning so that's sufficient, 

as I left for the walk. Living in StAndrews yet driving to the walk is absurd except for the love of it

Parking at HolyP I noticed that a ball had been left on the edge of the court just in case Robert wanted to shoot a few baskets. 

But I waited for him at Hamilton & 2nd Court and we ambled down to Cove Boulevard, past Linne’s house, past Georgia Ann’s house, past Gwen’s house and on for a loop that was only 1.2 miles but still decent for a couple octogenarians, one with a game leg this morning. 

Home for breakfast of favorite second only to oysters any style, steak & eggs. Steak? there was half a panful left after last evening’s Steak ’n Bake for Wilmer Hall, and I took one. Saw beloved ones from other churches I’ve served, and my steak was seared on one side, flipped, seared on the other side, and perfect: a perfect steak being an animal part that struggles to get off the plate when it feels my fork holding it down for the first cut of my scalpel. 

Home to 7H, bit of traffic on StABay as I contemplate the world and my life so far.


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