Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Wow, humid, 77°F 90% here on 7H porch, but a salty Gulf breeze coming across the Bay. I can see Shell Island that is no longer an island, but too hazy to see into the Gulf of Mexico. For who loves Florida, this is the day. 

Probably at Lowes, IDK, some weeks ago Linda bought a promising tomato plant which, kept in a pot of course because thanks be to good fortune we no longer have a yard, has given us about a dozen tomatoes. Small, but reddening they are sweet and delicious. Looks to be another four on the plant. The leaves have been bothered by mildew, but if we were in the house and it planted in the yard, various animals would have destroyed everything.

Breakfast: warmed over chicken breast from yesterday’s meal, cut up and on two slices extra thin ww toast with pats of butter. I buy my own butter so there’s no discussion about my eating it. Tyndall commissary sells couple odd brands cheap and butter is butter.  Along with black coffee and mug of ice water enhanced with two tbsp pinot grigio for flavor. 

Posting late this morning because researching the 1923 Cadillac coupe a friend sent pics of, 

and deciding to shop for equivalent GM products Buick and Oldsmobile. Cadillac L-Head V8, 

Buick OHV straight six, Olds L-Head six. Similar bodied four passenger coupes, how big an impression do I need to make - -

As a wealthy young man-about-town like Lamont Cranston, I was casually shopping from their sales brochures and disappointed to remember they had plate glass windshields and other windows. 

My grandfather Gentry started buying family cars with his first: replacing his bicycle and the streetcar, a blue 1924 Maxwell touring car, 

then when Walter P. Chrysler bought out Maxwell and changed the brand to Chrysler, Daddy Walt bought Chrysler cars. Mama told me years ago that he only bought touring cars at first because closed cars in those days had plate glass with danger of deadly glass shards in an accident. Some cars started safety glass with 1925, but I checked the 1925 Oldsmobiles this morning and still plate glass so I may hold off until 1927.

Cutting off, as FuroForty urgently demanding its quarter-hourly pint ‘o best. 

14 Sep 1935 to 17 May 2017 and miles to go.


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