Wednesday, May 24, 2017

thunder wednesday

Thunder, flight of pelicans close heading east, an osprey just flew by clutching a fish, breakfast for self or perhaps brood and mate. Lightning, streaks of lightning in the Gulf off BayPoint and Thomas Drive, all in all a beautiful morning out here on 7H porch. Loving it.

Medium to large ship arriving in the pass, now directly across the Bay from me, in rain so heavy she has disappeared from sight. Driving rain on me now, but maybe I can snap a picture of the ship as she passes 7H in the near channel. Rain clearing through now, and, still heading east, she’s stopped in the far channel just short of the hairpin turn where she’ll come round and head west, then south just off 7H, and on to the Port. Swinging now, looks to be at anchor? Watch and see, “watchful waiting,” one of the “treatments” offered for prostate cancer. More pelicans.

What will become of this cranial mass of all these thoughts, wonderings, wishings and intense feelings in my head when I’m gone? I might or might not prefer, but don’t really believe that romantic vision of backing that Olds Cutlass out of the garage out on the back alley border of my property and driving it across the sky into eternity.

She’s hoisted anchor now, has made the hairpin, heading my way. There she goes in heavy rain, WWW.OSLOBULK.COM read the letters down her starboard hull as she glides by. Medium size 355x61 arriving to load kraft liner, thence to Limon. 

Bream, pan fried bream for breakfast, warming in the oven, bream and cheese grits.  

DThos+ somewhere downstream in +Time+

storm clouds 201705240625CDT 

wind and wave stripes in heavy rain out window, below Bay chair

oslobulk nearing Courtney Point in rainstorm

sunset 20170523 from PB407

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