Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday School

Schools have graduated their Class of 2017 and most schools have begun summer vacation, at which point summer is declared and Adult Sunday School somewhat withers away until school reopens for fall semester. So, we are there. My options are continue on or give it a rest for the next three months. If I take a summer recess, I've nothing useful to occupy between eight o’clock worship service and ten-thirty service, so I choose to continue. From the eight o’clock service I stroll through the kitchen, pick up a cup of coffee and a cookie or slice of cake, and make my way out the brick road to the Library, minimally prepared with something, maybe one of the lectionary readings for the day, maybe something from the prayer book, or a bit of theology perhaps, maybe something from the day’s news or other current events, maybe something current about the Episcopal Church. Sorry, never a political topic. But I do bring something. 

If a class member comes with a question or brings a topic to discuss, we go with that, and I set aside whatever I’ve brought until we’ve worked it over.

We’re in summer break now, and this morning, intrigued with the Ascension of Christ, I will bring some art to show, along with looking at our prayer book address of it, at Luke 24 and Acts 1, the rapture of Elijah at 2 Kings 2, the disappearance of Enoch at Genesis 5. 

Pathetically wretched for attention, Old Father Nature woke me at two o'clock this morning. Returning then to bed, I could not go back to sleep for worrying oddly over whether Luke of Luke-Acts was gentile as generally assumed, or had to be a Jew in order to travel with Paul and with Luke's obsession with Jerusalem, or was that an editor? and today's besting of Elijah. But no, Timothy of course, so Luke needn't be Jewish in order to travel with Paul. Damndest thoughts annoyingly stir one away from sleep in the wee hours, no pun please. So from two something to four I read various immediately available on Early Christian Writings under Luke and Acts, then back to bed from four to Linda gently tapping me at five and here I am, semiconscious.

I'm going with gentile, Greek.


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