Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Wickedly, a crispy chocolate chip cookie instead of Dark chocolate with my Black coffee this morning. WTH, turning round to grab a Dark square while my coffee perked, I noticed the cookie bag had climbed up to chat with my 86% chocolate bar. "Tempted but did not sin" does not mean me. In fact, sin is my favorite.

Of which, from Franciscan Richard Rohr's meditation this morning, "In the United States there is never enough for health care, education, the arts, or basic infrastructure. The largest budget is always for war, bombs, and military gadgets." Yes, this is us. 

More sin and wicked, news reports death at 83 of Manuel Noriega, whom US supported as head of Panama, then sent 28,000 troops to roust him from office. Noriega took sanctuary and refuge in the Vatican embassy but, news reports, “US troops flushed him out by playing deafening pop and heavy metal music non-stop outside.” In my Navy time, my technical classification was major weapons system acquisition specialist, but no one ever suggested music as a weapon. Though with my bitter aversion to television sound played louder than “mute” I can see the possibilities.

Another weapons possibility, for enemies prone to depression: weather. Days on end of dull close colorless cloudy overcast with 100% humidity. 

More wickedness: this morning, Linda and I are escaping for the rest of the week, don’t call me, I’ll call you.


picture Ikan Leban 584x105 Liverpool bound with wood pellets

picture hundred percent humidity, which until this week I had thought was an idea but now know as photogenic reality as camera does not lie


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