Saturday, May 27, 2017

Summer Clouds

All things bright and beautiful: Saturday morning of Memorial Day Weekend and quite a few boats zipping across the Bay, mostly toward the Pass not Shell Island. A little more humid (75%) than max comfort, but if I miss this May morning enjoying 7H porch I’ll regret it July to September when it will be insufferable out here even early. 

I’ve held off, but no longer can resist showing this Easter Bunny picture of my great-granddaughter Lillie. Just turned two, she has the exact same coloring and look as three other of my girls, and a hundred years from now who looks at family pictures of beloved little girls will not be able to tell Malinda, Tass, Kristen, Lillie. Caroline and Charlotte have more Jeremy’s coloring and hair. 

Black and Dark about oh-seven-hundred hours, but still not awake. Breakfast now, chunky peanut butter on a cracker and another cup of black.

And, ah, as of this morning my clouds are back, my summer morning clouds. Welcome, happy morning!



Clouds beyond Red Fish Point: PB407 from east end of Bay
Clouds over Davis Point, Shell Island, Courtney Point from 7H

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