Tuesday, March 8, 2016

and pulled out a plum

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If we have late supper, as last night it was 7:30, and I have a glass of water with it, as was so with my boiled shrimp, Father Nature gleefully jumps up and down on my bladder at exactly 3:30, which is why it’s termed “the call of Nature” or “Nature’s call.” So shortly after FrN left I was sipping black coffee, letting my daily ration of one bite of dark chocolate melt on the tongue, and editing my handouts for this morning’s Bible Seminar. The lesson learned is having finished something, go on to something else, life’s next task; do not go back and edit it, to go back and edit is like starting over and takes longer to edit and re-do than did the original preparation. That’s where I am this morning, at 7:30 just having finished editing and printing.

Next is shave shower. No, next, which now is 7:33, is quickly tapdance out a blog post.

For breakfast I intended to slice a thin steak off that length of prime NY strip that I bought at Fresh Market because I’d never seen USDA prime for sale and wanted to try it. But Linda always thinks I eat too much beef even if it's six months between steaks, so tasty scrambled eggs for us both, soft scrambled and one slice of extra thin 35 calorie whole wheat toast, dry. Pills. Water. I have to watch the timing of the pills because a week or so ago I took them too close and ended up with BP WTH was it, I don’t recall, 55/35 or some such, I don’t remember, but it made for a nice long nap that morning.

Why the steak? I’m trying for protein and nothing white (white bread, potatoes, rice, dry breakfast cereal) to lose a few pounds. Dropped five pounds last week, but afraid the news won’t be that good this week. However, I did choose broccoli over mashed potatoes with my delicious salmon Saturday evening, and said what a good boy am I. 

Me and Little Jack Horner.


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