Thursday, March 24, 2016

Maundy: go for it

62F 91% wind at 9 mph this 201603240437CDT. Not using things or knowledge, it fades, use it or lose it, although I might still be able to ride a bicycle. I was trying to remember how zulu time works, i.e., what zone we are in, but it’s too early, neither the chocolate nor the coffee have kicked in, and too late here in +Time+

Looking east, full moon rising last night, noticeably not a perfect circle, maybe that clip off luna's right edge was the minor penumbral eclipse, IDK. Lovely on the porch, cool for sitting out in the wind. Still at my house, μη γενοιτο, I’d sit on the back screen porch, not on the Bay side this morning.

Things keep changing around me, but then transition is the name of life, my life anyway, always that feeling from Navy years of waiting for PCS orders. Going back to 1957 this morning, 1958 and ’59, remembering various duty stations, if starting over I’d be a surface warfare officer because it was the destroyer duty that moved me to stay in the first place, the Navy can have the rest of it, I’d like my life back. No this, because life is for adventure and service, joy and satisfaction, not for playing it safe

Why am I there when it’s Maundy Thursday here in St. Andrews. Because life is short, and we haven’t much time, and you can’t get it back.


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