Sunday, March 27, 2016


Christos anesti!

Every day is a beautiful day, including especially a rainy Holy Saturday with nothing on calendar but nap, coffee on the porch, toast with fig preserves. Lamb shanks for dinner with thick brown red wine gravy they stewed in, cooked carrots, a garnacha from Spain, the label says Aragon, remembering the first wife of Henry VIII. I should have read and studied, but was lazy. Supper: avocado sandwich on extra thin whole wheat bread, water, pills.

Friday we watched one of the larger ships we've seen enter port, three tugs. Not being here at 7H at the time, I got a picture of it from St. Andrews Marina as it rounded the bend. Pic is fuzzy but who cares. Three large ships are in port now, I'm guessing she is Seaboard Chile V38, general cargo, from Kingston, next port Houston.

Easter day, snap of the hauntingly fragrant pink azaleas we brought from the house. Linda's cuttings, these were from azaleas I would have planted at our Cove house in the 1940s, that mama transplanted about 1962 after they moved to the old Weller homestead in St. Andrews, the old family place. Do I miss it? 

Here at 7H the electric bill that came yesterday is $97 versus $300, the homeowners insurance is $400 versus $9,000, the view here is 7th floor instead of ground and I can see all of St. Andrews Bay at once, last summer no mosquitoes up here, somebody takes care of the grounds, plumbing, roof, instead of dashing from carport to door in the rain, there’s an underground garage and elevator to our door and covered walk. Latter Day Saints and Jehovah’s Witnesses never knock. For that matter, neither does anybody else: we can wear pajamas or underwear all day and sometimes do so. So what do we miss? Can I get back to you on that?

Happy Easter. 

Alethos anesti.


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