Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Monday

Above: Easter Monday one is entitled. Early morning walk, but 100% humidity got to me so attempt at a nap, didn’t work, no matter. Sunset last evening:

Easter Monday breakfast of thick brown gravy over carrots and animal parts. Bit of leftover lambshank, bit of beefsteak, bit of connecting tissue. At the commissary I intended to buy sirloin steak but that was distinctly ribeye, too fatty. 
Breakfast dessert. Mama used to make lemon blueberry cake that we sweet-toothers loved, Gina brought me four slices that were left over from the Easter brunch at church, delicious.

What am I doing. Messing around with Greek noun and pronoun declensions, but don’t be impressed: I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, they changed all this since I was in seminary decades ago. Or maybe I just rusted, how do you say "rustoleum" in Greek? Maybe that is Greek. Or Latin IDK.

Bible Seminar tomorrow morning. We’ll spend this Easter Week session on post-resurrection appearances in Matthew, Luke and John (why not in Mark?). Next week we’ll start reading and discussing Revelation, which comes round in the lectionary during the Easter Season every three years. I like Revelation, in fact I like Revelation more than any Paul except 1st Thessalonians and Philemon, the rest of Paul is too longwinded.

Easter Monday looking out the Bay bedroom door from 7H:

Never mind me, on this new operating system I can't figure out how to "straighten" my photos.


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