Sunday, March 20, 2016


That inner wakeup call comes early on preaching Sunday mornings. Came a bit late today, well after the three o’clock goal, compressing a bit the schedule of reviewing sermon notes and writing a blog post, breakfast &c. Reviewing the nonsense takes an hour but &c takes only twenty minutes, ten on Monday and Friday walking days if &c excludes cutting myself shaving. But I haven’t done that in years.

Life Is Good says that company’s motto or slogan, in fact I think that’s even the name of the company, and it’s copyrighted or even patented, imagine having sole rights to a string of words, what a crock. But I like their hats and shirts and stuff anyway. Life IS good just for the breathing and food and wine, beer, bit of scotch now and then, love, loving & being loved, and especially at this age still having companionship in the Time, and up here in this castle looking out all directions at my life. I started in St. Andrews, we lived in the Cove from when I was two years old, but memories are here because of working here in my father’s business all the way through my formative years from nine through seventeen, the full mix of happiness and angst, anticipation and disappointment, hard work, play time especially when my brother was with me, learning how to deal with people positively, sadness, probably more joy than sadness, memories of how St. Andrews was from the mid-1940s through the mid-1950s. It certainly wasn’t like this, not like it is now, and I’m so thankful.

Life IS good, changes from day to day, moment to moment. Yesterday we had a call that Bill Douglas, who bought my house last year, had shot himself, suicide by gunshot in bed. It was a sad way to finish up life that is so irreplaceable, which gone cannot be recovered, not even in the magical wonder of Harry Potter. Self-destruction reminds that life IS good but that there are stumbling blocks, obstacles that sometimes we find ourselves unable to face and get beyond. I'm so sad that was the case for Bill. May his soul, and the souls of all faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Time for &c.

Oh, how about a 1932 Buick?


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