Wednesday, March 16, 2016

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Join The Party

And so we continue with what must be the bizarrest leapest-year of short American history. Pray it’s not all this short. This time next year POTUS will have an American flag on his German-owned, British-built Bentley and America will have been made so great again that even PrinceW will wear a shaggy comb-over DCut with split-ends.

An online CNN piece has it right, “this is all your fault, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.” Republican voter outrage turning to rage is entirely voter response to outrageous GOP leadership who should resign enmass and if they don’t resign they should be as booted from office as Republican rank and file are trashing their advice on establishment presidential candidates. Sudden they panic and adopt TexTed as one of their own? I don’t think so.

Again I call for my constitutional amendment that says politicians may hold national elective office for two terms only; if you go home at the end of the first term, you get a certificate of appreciation for your public service, a farewell celebration, and a ticket home to become a real person; if you run for a second term and we elect you, at the end of your second term you get a new suit that buttons down the back, white shirt, red tie, shoes, socks, and clean underwear, your family gets a framable certificate of appreciation for your sacrifice, and you get to choose your last meal before your public execution by the method of your choice.

“An electorate so angry, they are willing to vote for a conservative of convenience who has spent the majority of his adult life pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-single payer health care and as a financial backer of Democrats,” says the piece. Who loves a circus, down to three in the red car, two in the blue. Some NYT writer also has it right, “his party had it coming.”

No wonder the older son was so angry he refused to come to the party. Join the party, bring your own friends and take it back.

What, no tip? Buy hair spray stock.


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