Friday, March 11, 2016


Wherever I Am, there is chocolate, black coffee and dark chocolate so Mind can open with Morning. Here, Friday morning and RFS (Sunday not Sea), as the ship hustled and bustled and sailors stood ready to cast off all lines I had to finish receiving my division officers' reports and my departmental check-off list then phone the Officer of the Deck on the Bridge, "Ready for sea." Sunday's at hand and I'm RFS, now gathering thoughts for Palm Sunday (Luke 22:14—23:56) and Good Friday (Genesis 22). 

Meantime, needing a new spot to call MLP and it hasn’t yet made itself known to me. Maybe a folding chair on the stairwell landing, but can’t see Davis Point from there, or Χαρων in the boat across the Bay quietly paddling toward me from beyond the flashing green light. Slow down, ferryman, don't come too fast or too soon. And don’t need MLP very often, few times a year. Maybe a picture as my desktop. And come to think on it, "soon" is here, isn't it.

Evening, dusk and during sunset, isn't a good time, but Lent indeed is, good time for making things right. Righting wrongs, apologizing to people we’ve hurt. And not that asinine “Well, if I've offended you, I apologize” that is the insensitive σκύβαλον of the narcissist. Of course, we can't get them all, there are what one of our confessions calls “sins unknown,” and we can’t get to those, but most others to any extent we realize them. Saying I’m sorry is hard to do, takes guts, courage, strength, humility, it's called character; and, like Love, it's not a feeling, it's action, something we do for others that helps us too. Over my years, it’s meant a lot of taking hat in hand, including some so private and tucked behind the shadows in remote crevices of the mind that they're even secrets from my blog (but anyone my age who is worth a damn has a bushel of unspeakable sins). Now I think on it though, in eighty years I’ve been apologized to only twice. Both times it was my mother who sought me out and apologized to me. No, I revoke, I take that back: someone apologized to me last year.

Sometimes one needs a laughing place.

Everybody's got a laughin' place
laughin' place
to go ho ho.
Take a frown, turn it upside down
and you'll find yours, I know ho ho.

Yesterday, we did some errands, voted early and then, lunchtime and on the spur of the moment, went to a new place (to us) on 77 in Lynn Haven, called Crawdad's. NW corner of Ohio Avenue and 10th Street. Good mullet, in Bay County almost up to mullet at Gene’s Oyster Bar in Millville, but no tables at Gene's you have to wait for a stool. My sister told me about Crawdads, and she was right, plenty, arrives at your table too hot to touch. Helping serve, two adorable children who know their hospitality, greet you like company not clients and made me melancholy to be a young father again. Chatting to us, the little girl liked Linda’s “I Voted” sticker, and I said “You can get one yourself in about eight years.” She paused a second and said, “In nine years. I’m almost nine.” We hope they stay in business.

As Gina said, quiet and the ambience is almost up to Hunt’s Oyster Bar. Next time I may get the super seafood platter and, the only man uncovered, next time I won’t leave my USN Retired cap in the car.

Been reading as well as eating. Reading on line. Reportedly, there’s a hate movement among some evangelical Christians against Israel, even hateful treatment of American Jews who are pro-Israel. Even some Jews against Israel. I don’t understand that. I just don’t understand it. Don’t bother explaining it to me either, because I don’t need or want to understand it. Though I do understand what TheDonald apparently doesn't: why Muslims of the MiddleEast hate America and Americans. That I do understand.

GOP debate last night. Down to four, then two? My view: come November it will be TheDonald v. heißt Hilz unless the GOP Establishment succeeds in beating down the grassroots movement that is sick to death of arrogant Establishment incompetence.

Enough. Time to meander through the Cove.

DThos+ stumbling along through +Time+ and still not sure what life is all about

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