Monday, January 26, 2015

epidermal urevap

Monday waking thoughts. Waking, eyes clenched shut against the clock's red glow. Warmly, comfortably, drowsily willing a drifting back to sleep in defiance of the ancient foe. Doze. Wake again realizing the Prince of Darkness grim is winning. The Creator should have consulted me in designing Ish: instead of a bladder, expanded application of the epidermis as evaporator. 

More waking thoughts: two people I envy. No, covet, breaking a commandment. One reads Mark in Greek. Other has a blue 1958 Bonneville in the garage, drives it from time to time. My Hebrew attempt failed, but if more determined I could do Mark. The Pontiac? Dream on.

Not tomorrow, but next Tuesday, 3 February opens the Spring Session of our midweek Bible Seminar. Ten o’clock sharp to eleven-fifteen, also sharp. All welcome. To register, email me Several already have done. 


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