Friday, January 23, 2015

Shark-infested waters

Heavy rainstorm on top of us. Lightning and thunder coming up from the Gulf, our first thunderstorm here. In the charming village design, a metal roof peak is next to us, and we can hear rain hitting the roof. 

Excellent sleep last evening: to bed at 9:00, up momentarily at 1:23 and back to sleep until five o’clock. Eight hours. Something good is happening, why? IDK but I like it.

Diecast Models email this morning. Even though it always says "dear valued customer" I scan, drool, and delete. Months ago they offered several Chevys from the twenties and thirties and I was tempted but did not sin. Because with this move I have four boxes of old cars, some I’ve had since the forties. Going from thirteen rooms to three there’s not space, but I cannot decide what to do with them. Same with boxes of old car brochures collected through my teen and college years. Joe gave me an old car trunk, one of those you see on pictures of old Model Ts and Buicks and Packards, but I’m not sure I want to fill it back up with my car books. 

Heavy rain and promises to go on and on, so instead of going out to Chuck's shop this morning I’ll go down to the exercise room as yesterday. As I said, all the same equipment except no hand-crank machine. There's even the same stationary bike with the seat that doesn't grind into the prostate. Well, look, what the hell, we're irradiated old men here, get over it.

If this takes on the feeling of some old codger’s diary, remember: it’s a personal blog, not a theological treatise. It’s open to public, but not my fault who bothers to read.

Yesterday afternoon Linda went to Publix to get the ingredients for Sunday morning’s breakfast casserole at church. Sitting out on the porch, I suddenly heard a huge splash from below, jumped up to look, and saw the circle from the splash. A shark between four and five feet long, I don’t think it was six feet, was directly below me within ten feet of the shore, chasing its supper. It must have just enjoyed a duck, would be my guess, but it kept zipping around to and fro chasing smaller fish in the seaweed. I watched it quite a while until Linda arrived home and asked, what are you looking at? I pointed and she saw it immediately. Classic, it was in shallow enough water that its shark fin was always cutting the surface. We watched it chasing a feast until in due course it disappeared round the curve to our right. 

Porpoises et cetera in Massalina Bayou on Wednesday. Thursday a shark in the Bay. +Time is good. I’m happy to be here enjoying it with Linda and ignoring those old men who read the obits looking hopefully for my pic every morning. Nyaa nyaaa nyaaanh.


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