Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hoot of the FoxOwl

Cool. No, damright chilly 38F but 82% is comfortably dry for us. And zero precip is good for the Sunday when we are having breakfast and our annual parish meeting. No adult Sunday School today, pick it back up next Sunday, February 1st. 

Then on Tuesday, February 3rd start a new session of weekday Bible Seminar. More about that to come.

Linda and I are loving our new digs, me especially the small size and the view from my blue velvet chair at windowside. The chair is facing east, a table with lamp to my left as is natural for a righthanded person, and to my right is St. Andrews Bay. Directly across, on a clear day I can see, from this seventh floor, over Shell Island at a low and thin wide spot with no trees, into the shining Gulf of Mexico.

Also love being immersed in downtown St. Andrews instead of five or six blocks away, and seeing from the small bedroom not only the changing traffic lights at Beck Avenue and 11th and 15th but whatever is going on, and the marina and the mini-myriad of cafes or restaurants. The Shrimp Boat sits exactly on the spot where I used to play on the beach as a boy, where there were always jillions of fiddler crabs, and where in the mid-1940s our skiff was built by hand. Always loving Hunt’s and Captain’s Table, we’ve found two more favorites, Enzo’s Pizza and Chez Amavida, and there are more. Bit pricey, Thai Basil was excellent the two times we went there. We tried the newly reopened coffee house across the street and were more than slightly disappointed and won’t return, maybe for breakfast but never lunch again. 

This isn’t a theology, psychology, philosophy or food blog, just a rambling old man, but Chez Amavida is delightfully unique for around here, Seattle St. Andrews. We went back again for supper last evening and repeated dishes we’ve had there before, they were so good. But then the sign out from says “killer food,” and they’ve got that right. With free wifi, it’s like a college hangout coffee shop for 21st C hippies, always young people there doing homework, reading, MacBooks open. Last evening two guys playing chess at the next table; and a guy with guitar, amp/speaker and decent singing voice. I would have sworn I was in a Seattle Coffeehouse. 

Also. At last the truth can be told. My friend Mike emailed me from Atlanta about that owl that, last Wednesday morning (Massalina Bayou) Robert and I spotted way up high on the dock post in Massalina Bayou, saying owls only come out at night.
 I rode by yesterday afternoon on my way to the church to officiate a wedding, and sure enough the owl is still standing there. It’s fake, a faux owl, apparently keeping watch over the bayou by night and day. What a hoot.


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