Saturday, January 31, 2015

+Time: Incredible

Okay, so what happens? Well, yesterday morning before going to Chuck’s Cardio, I lie down, curl up for a short nap, and go back to sleep so totally and soundly that I slept through my cardio event. Did I make up for it later? Yes. I went to the house and worked my tail off continuing the work of cleaning up and clearing out. Two grungy windows in my upstairs office, facing north and over the back stairs, now open easily and are sparkling with their wavy old glass panes that Mom and Pop first looked through more than a century ago. 

In those days, that back east room that last was my upstairs office was EG’s bedroom. Maybe EG and Ruth shared it, IDK. The front bedroom was Alfred’s. The other side upstairs was first one large room, a game room with a billiards table. During the WW2 housing shortage, that huge room was changed into a roomy apartment of two rooms and a bathroom, the front room being a living room and bedroom, the back room a kitchen with dining area. The large north-facing windows were closed in and a small bathroom window installed looking west. In December 1962 when we were home from Ann Arbor for the holidays, my father and I changed the kitchen to a bedroom. All the plumbing is still there tucked away inside the wall. I don't remember whether the linoleum is still under the carpet.

This morning very early, coffee at 3:15 and sermon prep, after having thought all week about what I want to say on Sunday morning.

The sun is coming up and the tide is out. 

Every sunrise is incredible. 

And every sunset.

And life itself. I can’t believe this.


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