Sunday, August 7, 2016


As I sat here Bayside last evening, working on homiletical hermeneutic (what?), the most elegant electrical display moved in from the north and between here and Walton County. Awesome, it was frightening, magnificent. Impossible from a house surrounded by trees and by other houses, it would have been available only to those with a high outlook. Clueless, I don’t know how to manage my iPhone camera to pick up such instant moments, so I just watched and marveled.

At the same time, and I’ve not looked this morning, Channel 13 Weather reported a low pressure area developing in Apalachee Bay (that’s not Apalachicola Bay), to the east of us at Florida’s Big Bend where the Panhandle curves down into the peninsula. For a while, and until turning out the light at ten o’clock, I watched it on the iTitan link on my iPad. Almost circling, it seemed to be drifting south. Maybe it will cross into the peninsula below Steinhatchee around TSP and we’ll be rid of it. Unlike Pat Robertson, my faith is strong enough to move mountains, but not hurricanes, so I’ll keep my mouth shut lest I get the attention of the Evil Eye.

My nonsense this morning, homiletical nonsense, Sunday School, and more of the same. Be forewarned.

Now I google the National Hurricane Center, the odds look good, I’ll take it.


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